Crowd analysis and pedestrian simulation

Crowd analysis and pedestrian simulation



2012 - ongoing


The goal ist to develop a planning tool for architects and transport operators that optimize passenger flows in complex, multifunctional public transport stations. Unlike current solutions that follow always a complete cycle of modeling – simulation – and analysis, AVISO allows the interactive configuration of the simulation environment at runtime.
Infrastructure elements such as e.g. escalators can be disabled during the simulation and the impact is immediately observed by the planner or transport operators. Planners make temporary changes, such as for example to the door widths to compare and evaluate the effects on the flows of persons with a special built-in analysis tool immediately. Optimizing the workflow AVISO thus responds to the needs of planners and transport operators, which can simulate a significantly higher number of scenarios for a multi-functional traffic station of the future.

The safe, efficient and user-friendly structuring of public spaces (e.g. airports, railway stations, major venues) and transport systems has, above all, to be person-centric.
In the development of tailored solutions, the Mobility Department uses sophisticated analysis tools to determine, for example, the density, frequency or principal routes of flows of people in high-traffic areas based on diverse sensor data. These analyses are used to simulate different scenarios efficiently and cost-effectively, thus laying the foundations for efficient planning and optimisation.
Implementation of realistic simulations as an aid to the planning and optimisation of
infrastructures, e.g. simulation of the effects of structural changes and operative processes on
flows of people.
Development of simulation models tailored to customer-specific applications
Empirical acquisition and analysis of real data on the movement of persons as input for simulation models.

AIT – Austrian Institute of Technology, Strukt, Evolit, ÖBB

Markus Ostertag, Daniel Cranach, Andrea Ostertag-Ebel

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Crowd analysis and pedestrian simulation

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