ÖBB Employee Building

ÖBB Employee Building

St.Pölten, Austria


ÖBB-Infrastruktur Bau AG


2005 - 2007


In the course of modernizing of the St. Pölten Train Station, a new employee building was planned and erected for highly qualified railway technicians and workers. The building is in operation 24 hours, 7 days a week and consists of offices, workshops, and storage facilities, as well as changing rooms and social/meeting rooms. This mixture of interior spaces are interwoven together and combined into one shared cooperative platform.
The location of the building, in regard to its connection to the train station and adjacent street, plays a significant role in the city’s urban context. The building sits at a high point along the station and parallel to the street, revealed as an elegant black monolith. The exterior is composed of a naturally-ventilated Ethernit façade, which gives an appearance of hovering over the ground. At the east side of the building
a spacious long-spanning roof made of exposed concrete covers the open underlying area below,
while a terrace expands the office area to the West. Several entries into the building along the
tracks open into different spaces and passageways in the building that provide views into
the workshops or outward toward the street.

Pushpadeva de Silva, Christian Nielsen, Michael Bieglmayer, Frank Fuhs


Area: 750 m²

Volume: 4,310 m³


General Planner





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